5 reasons and 5 ways to start an active lifestyle

5 reasons and 5 ways to start an active lifestyle

At first glance, the life of an event planner is full of movement. During the implementation of projects you never sit around, you are constantly busy with something; you hurry, and sometimes even run to get everywhere.

All this is true, but you will agree that most of the time the process of preparing for a project forces you to sit for hours in negotiations and brainstorming, work with a computer, and seek inspiration. As a result, it turns out that at certain periods you turn into the office worker bent over a laptop or tablet and ruining your vision.

bent over a laptop

We all know that a sedentary and slow-moving lifestyle has a negative impact not only on our figure, but also on health, and therefore on mood and efficiency.

So let’s get motivated together and start finally leading an active lifestyle!

5 reasons why you need to start moving right now

  1. You will look beautiful! And for an event planner, making a good appearance is one of the components of success.
  2. You will strengthen your immunity and be less susceptible to colds and other diseases. And it’s wonderful because it’s not good for an event planner to get sick.
  3. You will always be in a great mood. And the words “apathy”, “irritability” and “depression” will not be a thought for you.
  4. You will always be full of energy. A cup of coffee will no longer be a lifeline for you but will turn into a pleasant time.
  5. You will be proud of yourself! And how can you not be proud because physical activity will help you become more effective, creative and successful?

happy at work

So, how do you achieve that in everyday life?

5 simple ways to start an active lifestyle

  1. Park the car away from your home and office. Even this 5-minute opportunity to walk will bring substantial benefits to the body.office workers on bikes
  2. Forget about the elevators and take the stairs. If you work on the 20th floor, naturally, it is not necessary to try to run up on the first day, start with a few floors and gradually increase that. This daily workout will make your legs stronger r and strengthen your overall stamina.stairs at work
  3. Walk during your lunch break. And in some cases, you can also replace it. Haha!
  4. Turn on your favorite music more often and dance. This will not only help burn calories but also put you in an excellent mood. Just be careful, don’t do it behind the wheel of the car or in the shower. And dancing and fooling around while you dry your hair in the morning with a hairdryer – this is what the doctor ordered.
  5. Spend your vacation actively. The temptation to spend the day off, and maybe a whole vacation lying at home on the couch or in a chair on the beach is very high, especially after recently completed exhausting projects but still should not become a couch potato. Take walks around the city, bike, play volleyball, swim, ski, and snowboard. Do whatever you want, just don’t sit still!

active vacation