What is adventure tourism?

What is adventure tourism?

“Here is the real life”, – such is the opinion of an average tourist in luxury hotels near the ocean. A person who meets daily challenges seeks out new knowledge and experiences, expands their circle of interests, lying on the beach during vacation will not bring a feeling of restored forces, but will have to like adventure tourism.

For those who are interested in the stories about pirates and Indiana Jones, the word “adventure” means only one thing: to climb into the impassable jungle and there to get into trouble. From the adventurous travels of the past, adventure tourism inherited an interest in fresh impressions. Ancient maps to find buried treasures are left behind. Today, adventure tourism is far from risky travel filled with mysticism and random coincidences.

Adventure tourism

Oddly enough, there is no single standard for adventure tourism or a clear definition of how to create adventure tours. In the most general description, adventure tourism is commonly referred to as commercial travel with active modes of travel associated with staying in the natural environment.

As some fans of this type of tourism believe: “It is not about the name, but about what it represents. Adventure represents fantasies about experiencing everything new and unusual, in this word outside of your normal routine, which can be either a water trip on the river somewhere in the Middle Strip of Russia or climbing on the Inca path in Peru. Unlike other types of tourism, adventure is not the same as sightseeing, the traveler can literally feel at least a small part of the Earth with his hands. ”

Machu Picchu

Adventure tourism is often associated with active recreation, sports, and extreme tourism. Meanwhile, the differences are quite significant. Active rest is inherently entertainment, getting new or enriching experience. Such rest gives you the options for living, including in comfortable conditions, to choose an activity to your liking from the daily activity menu. A good example of this is programs combining windsurfing lessons, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, aikido classes, and trampoline exercises. By and large with an active vacation, it doesn’t matter where the tourists will have fun but rather that they experience and conquer nature.


Safari on snowmobiles to the museum of wooden architecture “Kiji”, the study of the life of whales and penguins from the board of a motorboat or kayak among the icy silence of Antarctica – this is a real adventure, expanding your outlook. It is born at a moment when the tourist has a desire to study a certain region, to get acquainted with history, culture, natural attractions, and even culinary traditions. On the adventure tour, the choice of vehicle or mode of travel – raft, kayak, canoe, horse, elephant or camel, bike, jeep or own legs – is completely secondary to the purpose of the journey which is new discoveries.

Safari on snowmobiles

To organize this type of tourism, some companies believe that the adventure tour should have an attractive cognitive purpose. Such routes we call adventures and develop on the basis of historical and local history materials.

Most natural regions of Russia have “unreleased” hard-to-reach monuments of archaeology and culture, which are of undeniable interest to tourists. The purpose of the journey is to visit places that may be associated with this mysterious country. This becomes achievable thanks to the use of 4×4 off-road vehicles.

Extreme is a concept for adventure tourism and depends on the experience of travelers, the qualification of guides and, equally important, the equipment used. So the same bike route can be extreme for a beginner cyclist and just a walk for a world champion in cycling, and rafting along a rapids river when passing the same water obstacles – have different degrees of risk depending on the type of vessel used.

mountain biking

Sports tourism is aimed at fulfilling certain standards, adventure tourism is, first of all, relaxation with pleasure and discovery. Sports tourism is alien to such concepts as “comfort” and “service”, for which tourists pay money. Adventure tours are interesting to travelers with different levels of training, not only due to carefully graduated routes, support vehicles and the rental of quality equipment. Travelers count on the absence of domestic problems even in the conditions of an autonomous trip, quality diverse food, excursion and entertainment programs, and the main thing – increased attention to ensuring their safety.

For each person, the word “adventure” has a deep meaning. For some the real adventure is climbing the highest peaks of the world or for others is rafting through the Zambezi, – safari in Serengeti, jeep tour in Jordan with a visit to ancient Petra, bike tour on the Golden Ring or alloy on catamarans on slow Ugra.


This list goes on and on. Today, any adventure is like a movie, a script for which you can compose yourself.